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Armalite, Anschutz,Auto Ordnance, Beretta, Bersa, Bond Arms,Browning,Brownells, Bushmaster, Chaparral Arms, Charles Daly, Colt, Command Arms, Comanche, Crickett, CZ, DPMS-Panther Arms, FNH USA, Glock,Hastings, Henry, Hi-Point, Heckler and Koch...HK, Kimber, Kel-Tec,Legacy Sports, Magnum Research, Marlin,  Maverick,  Mossberg, New England / H&R, Pro Factor, Para OrdnancePhoenix Arms, Rock River Arms, Remington/ Rem Int./ Law Enf./ Prmr, Ronan, Rossi, Ruger, Savage Arms, Smith & Wesson, Snake Charmer, Springfield Armory, Stag Arms, Taurus, Taylor & Co., Thompson Center, Tikka, Traditions, Umare USA, Walther, Weatherby, Winchester
OPTICS, SIGHTS and Accessories:
Adco, Aimtech, ATN Ultra Sight, B-Square, Browning Optics, Burris, Bushnell, Butler Creek, Crimson Trace Lasergrips, EO Tech, Game Reaper, Glock, Insight, Intensity Optics, Iron Sighter, Kwik-Site, Laserlyte, Laser Max, Leupold Flashlight, Leupold, Millett, Newcon, Nikon, Quake Industries, Redfield, Scope Level, Sightron Optics, Simmons, Steiner, Streamlight, Tasco/Bushnell, Thompson Center, Traditions, Trijicon, Tru-Glo, Ultra-Dot, Warne, Weaver, Wheeler, Winchester, Zeiss.
Brenneke, CCI, Cor-Bon, Estate Cartridge, Federal, Glaser, Hastings, Hornady, Independence Ammo, Lightfield, Norma (RWS) Pow' R Ball,
 PPU-Prvi Partizan, Remington, Summit, Ultramax, Weatherby, Winchester, Wolf...others available.
Below is a few links that you will find helpful.  RSR Group is one of my wholesale distributes web sites that show some, but not all of the items I can provide you with.
These will get you started, I promise that I will continue to make this a user friendly web site to make your buying experience a good one.  The RSR group web site is helpful.  Just remember it helps to have an exact make and model # when trying to price out a firearm for you.  Please include that in any correspondence with me.    WWW.RSRGROUP.COM
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